How to fight a Bear.

There are many survival practises a man should know, one rarely tackled by the Ray Mears and, the ironically named, Bear Grylls of this world, is how to in fact physically combat a fully grown adult bear.

Nutrition 101

You’ve probably heard ‘protein makes muscles grow’, ‘carbohydrates make you big if you’re a girl and ‘fats make you, well fat…’ but these urban myths are all false… too a degree…

How to quit smoking

Smoking. You may think it looks cool. You may think that it only causes harm to other people and it will never happen to you. But if you want to stop smoking the journey can seem too daunting. In fact, it may stress you out so much you simply must have another fag! Here at the Batcave we support your decision to cut down and even stop all together, be it for financial, practical or health reasons. Here are some tips to help you stop, that have come directly from people who have managed just that. Change your mind set….